Fort Payne

Get Complete Health Care in Two Locations

Expect the Same Quality Service in 2 Locations

We have a second office located in Fort Payne to make sure we can help you when you need it. No matter which office you go to, you're guaranteed great service and some of the fastest service anywhere.

Our Physicians

Dr. Ronnie Lewis is one of our primary doctors in our Fort Payne location. He practices family medicine and is DOT certified.
Hailey Armstrong NP is at this location every Friday.

Why Choose Us?

We offer you the best health care possible. We're known in the surrounding area for our compassionate care, our passion for our jobs, and the speed with which we can see you in our office. We guarantee that you will get quality treatment quickly.
State-of-the-art medical care faster than you'd ever suspect. 
Call us today!
No matter where you live in the surrounding area, we have a clinic to meet your needs. Come see us in our Fort Payne clinic. For the best in care, you can't go wrong with Rapid Care Family Medical Clinic!
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